Change of hair colour

We have been going through so big problems at our place which has really taken its toll on us especially me. My post narak depression is on full swing needing a change of meds to start feeling myself again while im not there yet today I  actually got an hour to myself and has my hair done.


Im so predictable and always go with the same or simile colours doe the seasons this time I went for something completely different I think I almost scared my hairdresser when I showed her the pic.

I left it on her hands and she did the closest she could to get the effect I was wanting. I think even she was surprised when it was finished how amazing it looks I absolutely love it.

Now all I need is a tattoo.


Flower crochet squares blanket

I have been on a bit of a blanket craze at the moment making them for everyone who has babies being born or birthdays coming up.

I want to make a keep sake that they will hopefully have until they have children.

I found this square pattern on Raverly and fell in love with it so I went to The Unwinde Cafe to pick some luxury wool from Bendigo woollen mills.


The granny square is gorgeous the colours really compliment each other image

This was made to fit a cot but be big enough so it could go on a single bed later I joined with the grey colour and made 4 grey and 4 pink squares so as to break it up a little bit.


I then did a row of grey around the blanket and followed with all the colours there was one stage where I did not think that the green and the yellow were the look I was going for but in the end I ended up happy with the boarder around it. image image image image

I love this pattern so much that I am doing a first communion blanket for a friends daughter.

I will add to the blog as soon as it’s finished. But the colours I’m using are to die for.


Starburst crochet blanket

As soon as I found out my bestie was expecting I was wanting to start a blanket for the newest edition and when I found out she is expecting a girl with her favourite colour being teal. I went into the Unwind Cafe in East Keilor to choose some yarn.

I love Bendigo Woollen Mills wool and I have used the luxury 8 ply for this blanket.


I did not use a pattern as such I just made granny squares and then single crochet them all together.

The colours I have used are

317 Baby Mint

324 Aquarium

341 Lavender

367 Purple Storm

312 Frost


I just love the colours of this blanket and I plan on making one for myself for our lounge area.

image image


African Flower Crochet Blanket

I have been on a run of making a bit of crochet lately I decided to create a gorgeous crochet blanket made with african flower hexagons I used a video tutorial to show me how which made it heaps easier and joining omg this was the hardest thing every joining is so hard and so time consuming but after a while I finally finished it and am pretty happy with the result now what to do with this gorgeous blanket???

FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender 3 FullSizeRender 4 FullSizeRender


Being a mum 3rd time around things that you find you do and don’t need.

As a mum for the third time I have found that I have not needed a lot of the things that I had for my first two babies. While I had not purchased most things prior to his early arrival I did however purchase quite a few things while still in the hospital. And found a lot of things have changed since I had the other two so I also got to try out some new innovations. Here are my favourite things for babies.

1. Stokke Sleepi Cot and Bassinet –

I was lucky enough to find this on Gumtree one night pickup was over an hour away but it was a great price and came with both the bassinet and cot it has been fantastic  especially for moving around the house as it fits through a regular door we just moved house and now have a super smallbedroom but it fits which is great.


Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 8.24.41 pm

2. Love to Dream Swaddle –

These things are the best invention since my older two were born. There is no need tons swaddle anymore with a wrap its easy and babies hands are in a natural position for sleeping. www.lovetodream.com.au/

3.  Angelcare sound and movement monitor  –

I can’t speak more highly of this product. We never expected that the alarm would go off and when it did we thought it was a fault but mothers instinct mentioned it to his drs who set into action where he was diagnosed with a few life threatening conditions. Had it not been for this monitor we were told he would not be here today. That he would have been a SIDS baby. http://www.angelcarebaby.com.au

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 8.26.07 pm

4. Bonds Zippys –

Wow things have changed since I had my older two I can remember the days when they would roll around and I would try to button up their wonder suits always ending in buttons in the wrong spots and it taking me forever now there are these amazing zippy it has a two way zips which make it super easy for nappy changing time even when they are rolling around. They are super popular and if you see a print you like grab it quick prints are usually limited and they sell out really quick especially in the bigger sizes and especially in the boys styles. http://www.bonds.com.au

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 8.25.56 pm

5. Bonds singlet suits –

These quickly became the new singlet suit I got so sick of pulling down his singlets these were the perfect answer and clip at the crotch which keeps them down  keeping baby nice and warm. http://www.bonds.com.au

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 8.26.54 pm

I have quite a few more of my favourite products but these are my first five.


Premature baby donations

Since Leo was born early I struggled to find clothes that fitted him I was not expecting a baby born so early or to be so sick myself that I had to leave it up to my husband and mum to search the shops for the teeny tiny clothes that would fit his little body. This was hard not many places stock premature babies items and the places that do over charge for such a small piece of clothing. After we were discharge the hospital I set out on a mission to make it easier for parents of premature babies born at the hospital and asked friends and family to donate premature baby clothes and knitted or crochet hats in teeny sizes in which I would then package them up with this note from us.


We made our first donation in Leo’s 1st birthday and plan to do this every year.


The making of a Hungry Caterpillar Crochet Blanket

A friend of mine who also suffered from infertility found out she is pregnant and loves The Hungry Caterpillar so I thought I’d crochet her a blanket. I had only just taught myself to crochet with the help of YouTube to make beanies for premature babies and decided to do my best to create something for her little did I know how amazing it was going to look I just made it there was not any pattern so I winged it. The best thing about making a blanket in late autumn /winter is that once it is long enough it keeps you super warm.image imageI finished off with a boarder I wished Id done a few more rows of 1/2 double crochet but it still looks ok.
image For the caterpillar I just did some double crochet circles in the different colour green and read for the head. image I did some small oval pieces for the eyes.image And finally added some little feet and antennas.image image And I have to say I’m pretty proud of my effort