Flower crochet squares blanket

I have been on a bit of a blanket craze at the moment making them for everyone who has babies being born or birthdays coming up.

I want to make a keep sake that they will hopefully have until they have children.

I found this square pattern on Raverly and fell in love with it so I went to The Unwinde Cafe to pick some luxury wool from Bendigo woollen mills.


The granny square is gorgeous the colours really compliment each other image

This was made to fit a cot but be big enough so it could go on a single bed later I joined with the grey colour and made 4 grey and 4 pink squares so as to break it up a little bit.


I then did a row of grey around the blanket and followed with all the colours there was one stage where I did not think that the green and the yellow were the look I was going for but in the end I ended up happy with the boarder around it. image image image image

I love this pattern so much that I am doing a first communion blanket for a friends daughter.

I will add to the blog as soon as it’s finished. But the colours I’m using are to die for.


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