Being a mum 3rd time around things that you find you do and don’t need.

As a mum for the third time I have found that I have not needed a lot of the things that I had for my first two babies. While I had not purchased most things prior to his early arrival I did however purchase quite a few things while still in the hospital. And found a lot of things have changed since I had the other two so I also got to try out some new innovations. Here are my favourite things for babies.

1. Stokke Sleepi Cot and Bassinet –

I was lucky enough to find this on Gumtree one night pickup was over an hour away but it was a great price and came with both the bassinet and cot it has been fantastic  especially for moving around the house as it fits through a regular door we just moved house and now have a super smallbedroom but it fits which is great.


Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 8.24.41 pm

2. Love to Dream Swaddle –

These things are the best invention since my older two were born. There is no need tons swaddle anymore with a wrap its easy and babies hands are in a natural position for sleeping. www.lovetodream.com.au/

3.  Angelcare sound and movement monitor  –

I can’t speak more highly of this product. We never expected that the alarm would go off and when it did we thought it was a fault but mothers instinct mentioned it to his drs who set into action where he was diagnosed with a few life threatening conditions. Had it not been for this monitor we were told he would not be here today. That he would have been a SIDS baby. http://www.angelcarebaby.com.au

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 8.26.07 pm

4. Bonds Zippys –

Wow things have changed since I had my older two I can remember the days when they would roll around and I would try to button up their wonder suits always ending in buttons in the wrong spots and it taking me forever now there are these amazing zippy it has a two way zips which make it super easy for nappy changing time even when they are rolling around. They are super popular and if you see a print you like grab it quick prints are usually limited and they sell out really quick especially in the bigger sizes and especially in the boys styles. http://www.bonds.com.au

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 8.25.56 pm

5. Bonds singlet suits –

These quickly became the new singlet suit I got so sick of pulling down his singlets these were the perfect answer and clip at the crotch which keeps them down  keeping baby nice and warm. http://www.bonds.com.au

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 8.26.54 pm

I have quite a few more of my favourite products but these are my first five.


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