Bail out – The arrival of Baby Leo

My blood pressure was not getting controlled and I had severe headaches Id started to vomit all the time and I had this flushed feeling my skin was red from my breasts up.

My OB came in and said “Bronnie its time we bail out” the decision had been made for my health we knew baby was healthy it was time to concentrate on me. I was scheduled for a caesarean section at 11am. I was a little nervous as I did not know what to expect this was my first c-section.


I updated my white board in my room I had been updating daily with my progress with estimation of how much baby weighs length.


I got dressed in he gorgeous gown and put on these gorgeous socks.IMG_1966

And we waited 11am came and went I got an update that they were coming to get me soon. We had not told anyone we were having the baby not even our kids but my mum messaged me to ask how I was I messaged back “going to theatre to have baby will get Jason to ring you later”.  Im sure she booked her flights to Melbourne right away.


Before we knew it I was being rolled into theatre. Due to my BP I had an arterial line put in to monitor it and IV put in too. When my reading for my BP came up I felt almost  like I was on a high it was way to high and the anaesthetist  said lets get this spinal in now. The rush was on to get it in I was sat up leaning forward with my feet on a chair while the spinal was put in. I was then laid down and they put a wedge underneath my right hip. My BP had dropped too low now with the spinal in they had to give me medication to increase it. They went out to get Jason who to everyones surprise was asleep in a chair outside of the theatre door.

They kept putting ice on me asking if I could feel that I felt a weight on my chest like someone was treading on me apparently it was the spinal it just felt strange as I felt I could not breath. I just tried to relax and talk to everyone around me to take my mind of it. I think I was worried I was going to feel it when my OB cut me but I felt nothing. They said “ok Bronnie your going to feel a bit of pushing because baby is tiny we need to push him to get him out” did I feel it.

As they pulled our little miracle out of my tummy he made a cry he was pink and just perfect.


Tears streamed down my face as Dr J put him over the curtain for me to see. I was so relieved he was ok. He was taken to the corner where there were at least 10 people if not more to look after him.


I was waiting for that moment everyone gets you see the pictures of them with their gorgeous babies still laying on the operating table. That never happened. Our baby was not breathing real great even though I had steroid injections to help with his lung development he had to be intubated. I had been sewn up and taken to recovery while he was still being worked on. Because I was so sick I was taken to the complex care unit of the hospital below to be monitored. Jason stayed with our baby. He was transferred to the Royal Women’s Hospital NICU.



All I wanted to do was see him but I was not stable to see him Jason found out where I was and he came to see me with a couple of photos what is it with men you tell them to take lots of photos and they take 2.

We named him

Leo Isaac Alexander

Born at 12.56pm

Weighing 1629kg or 3lb 5oz

and was 44 cm long.

Later that night the nurses arrange for me to facetime him they bought me an Ipad and they had an Ipad it was so emotional when I talked his little eyes would open to look where I was tears streamed down my face that I could not be there to touch him.


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