Thermomix Lemon Cordial

This is my mum’s lemon cordial recipe I can remember when I was little and she made it how the kitchen smelt while it was on the stove top cooking and how my brother and I could not wait for it to cool down so we could have some.

We have a lot of allergies in our family so getting down to basics and not using prepared things is a rule in our house. I try to make what I can and one thing my kids love is this. Cordials are one of the things that I do not buy from the supermarket, most supermarket ones are filled with additives and preservatives and I have the means to make my own so thats what I do. And the kids love it. Their favourites are Raspberry Cordial and this Lemon Cordial. I don’t like waisting my money on expensive bottles of cordial that don’t last long. If you want to make these Fizzy for the Kids then invest in a SodaStream its great for adding the bubbles to the cordial that the kids Love.

This recipe I have adjusted to make in the Thermomix but it can be made in a pot on the stove.

My Mum’s Lemon Cordial.


4 Lemons

750 Grams Sugar

500 Ml’s of Water Boiling

15grams of Tartaric Acid

Peel the lemons with a peeler on the outside any peeler will do but I love the tupperware peeler its so easy to use and in no time the lemons are done. Place in the Thermomix It should end up looking like this.


Cut the lemons in half and juice them I again use a Tupperware juicer it sits over the top of the thermomix and the juice goes straight into the thermomix. If you dont have one just juice them and add to the Thermomix. Throw the pith part out.


Add Sugar and Boiling water to the Thermomix with the 15 grams of Tartaric acid.

Now how to cook

Make sure its on Reverse (you dont want the peel to get chopped up)

90 degrees on the thermomix

10 minutes

Speed 2

Stir well and strain the piece of Lemon out of the mixture.Photobucket


Once its finished all the sugar should be dissolved.

Then add to bottles when cooled.



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