Unprepared not packed so much to do before baby arrives.

Things sometimes do not go to plan and I have to say even though I have two older children I was not prepared for this at all.  What can prepare you for a premature baby?

My pregnancy was monitored by my OB really well at 19 weeks my blood pressure started to rise so the decision was made to include the expertise of a Physician/nephrologist who specialised in the area of Essential Hypertension during Pregnancy. While this included me having a lot more appointments weekly bloods and urines I knew it was what was best for the baby and that I was in the best care.

We had a plan that was to get to 37 weeks. I was monitoring my blood pressure at home and would report to my Physician every couple of days. At 27 weeks my blood pressure was not reducing I was put on another medication which I had a reaction to so was changed to another it bought my BP down a bit but I started to show other signs things were not going quite as planned. I ended up with chronic headaches which one day made me call my OB to tell him I was not feeling well. He said to come straight in I happened to be working around he corner so headed into his rooms.

My blood pressure was so high he rang my physician and a decision was made to direct admit me. My Ob never does these he usually gives you time to go home get some things and head back to the hospital the next day or that night.

I was taken up to Labor and Delivery and put on monitoring my bp was 175/115 I was put on 16 tablets a day to try and reduce it.


I was not expecting this and I was far from prepared I was weeks away from when I was meant to give birth I did not have anything packed or ready. I literally had the clothes I was wearing and that was it.


It took a call to my hubby and a long list of things for him to go and get for me from home an hour each way. Which when he arrived of course he missed things (like my underwear). I ended up in hospital being monitored for a few days being monitored and having a scan to see if baby was coping with my very high blood pressure. Which turns out he was very healthy it was just me they were worried about.


On discharge I prepared a bag for myself and for baby just incase I did not want to be without underwear again. Still working 3 days a week I had my bag the boot of  my car and the babies at home I packed all the smallest clothes for the baby what I didn’t know that they were not small enough.


Yes I colour coded outfits with wraps and blankets. I had planned on the long weekend of Anzac day making up lots of home cooked meals to freeze but that did not happen. My blood pressure had other plans for me.


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