Introducing Me


I thought id introduce myself I am a thirty something mum or as my eldest son says Mom (he wants to be American) who lives in Melbourne, Victoria with my beautiful family.

Jason my amazing husband a volunteer State Emergency Service worker for 22 years, a Volunteer Group leader for Cub Scouts and our rock.

Gabrielle who is 12, about to start high school at the end of this month. She is a devoted cheerleader and loves music.

Ethan is 9 he loves rock climbing, archery and Cub Scouts he is about to go into grade four. He is also playstation obsessed. He also has autism and some other medical issues which are a learning process every day but we fight through it.

And last our little miracle Leo, after trying for years we lost a baby in February of 2013 and we gave up booked a holiday to Hawaii. Four weeks before we were due to depart I found out I was pregnant, he was a keeper and I delivered him at 31 weeks, he is an amazing little fighter he has since been diagnosed with Severe Laryngomalatia and Severe OSA (obstructive Sleep Apnea) but that does not stop him he is a determined little fella and an absolute blessing to our family.

Im not really sure what this blog is going to feature I think it will help for me as I suffer from PND (post natal depression) a way to get things off my chest, some of my favourite all time recipes, and about learning to be a Mum again given its been nine years since I last had a baby and while some things remain the same wow have others changed, I hope to tell you my favourite products and reviews. In a way therapy for me.

I sadly lost my job a week after having Leo this has been hard on our family and finding a new job is not easy its constant applications with constant rejections but I will get there as Katy Perry says in her song Fireworks “Maybe the reason why all the doors are closed so I can open one that leads me to the perfect road” well that is my hope.

So stay tuned Im going blog some old things so you can get to know me a bit better.

Thanks for reading 🙂


Bron xox


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